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anxiously waiting. this was the moment 20,000 visitors at moffett field had waited for. when the space shuttle endeavour did a fly over just before 10:30 this morning. the emotional build upstarted hours earlier as people crowded in. jim and linda swan let their daughter skip school to capture this. >> i want the girls to be a part of the space program. >> it's all about getting that new experience and being out there. and i mean, it's more than what you can just learn in the classroom. >> reporter: some nasa ames workers were almost close to tears. >> it's flying to the ames space center, it's choking me up. >> reporter: the shuttle entrance surprised the crowd when it appears appears in
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front of the hanger instead of the entrance. >> wow. >> reporter: due to delays the shuttle made just the one fly over, observers including the swan family savored the moment. >> awesome experience. no matter how quick it was. it's something that usually you never see in your lifetime. >> reporter: for many the sight was bittersweet. >> it's very sweet to see the shuttle and reminisce the wonderful things we've done. it's a little bitter to see that this is the last time we'll see it. >> reporter: well at least the last time in the air. and coming up at 6:00, we'll see those involved in the early days of the shuttle project. live at moffett field. hundreds of people packed the shoreline at treasure island hours before endeavour arrived. so many spectators flocked to the island people had to direct traffic there. despite the crowds everybody had a terrific view when the shuttle flew past. >> oh it was so exciting. just to know it's a part of
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history. >> not only because you see it but you could hear the 747. it was a shock and awe to me. that was a really beautiful thing. >> we heard from so many people, one man flew in because he just could not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. allie rasmus went through all the video our crews shot. we will show you more of what happen people looking up this morning. and we've been getting video from viewers all day. we would like to see yours. you can postyour photos directly to our facebook page. just go to ktvu channel 2 news. we're going to share some of our viewers photos right here on channel 2. republican presidential nominee mitt romney is expected to arrive in the bay area within the hour. he'll be attending a fundraiser at this estate in hillsboro. when news chopper 2 flew over
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that house about 30 minutes ago we saw crews setting up. but outside there were only a handful of protesters. tonight's event will cost people up to $50,000 per person to attend. now the secret service has set up very tight security at sfo where romney will be landing. and ktvu's john sasaki is making his way through that security but it's taking longer than any of us expected. we will go to him live as soon as the secret service clears him. a plane carrying mitt romney's wife had to make an emergency landing today. anne romney's plane made an emergency landing after it was filling with smoke. it's believed that smoke was from an electrical fire. mrs.romney's plane was headed to los angeles from nebraska. there's good news from california on the job front
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tonight. the unemployment rate dipped from 10.7%, that's down from 11.9 a year ago. california added almost 3,000 jobs. the biggest game came from education and services field. this is how the numbers break down in the bay area. solano county has the highest rate. dianne feinstein holds a lead over her republican challenger. 58% say they support the republican incumbent. 31% say they support elizabeth emken's. today's san francisco health officials reported the first evidence of west nile virus in the city this year. tests show a dead bird recently found near city college of san
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francisco was infected with the mosquito bourn illness. mosquitoes may increase as we head into fall, they're asking people to make sure there's no standing water where mosquitoes can breed. no west nile virus cases have been reported in san francisco since 2005. the new iphone 5 was finally released this morning. there's an estimate that apple may sell 1 million apple iphones this weekend alone. tom vacar has the story. >> reporter: what's amazing about this is, this is about the seventh version of this phone and it's the hottest ever. there were launches from australia to america as the sun spread across global skies. >> i'm really excited. i want a white one and i'm looking forward to the big screen and all the cool things. >> i already took a half day to
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get this iphone. >> it took us 70 hours. >> we told people to get it first. to be the first in my country. >> reporter: it all adds up to this. >> over the years the iphone has become the most popular phone in the world. and actually most of apple's growth right now is happening overseas. >> reporter: here in the bay area the reasons for buying are varied. >> i haven't upgraded since the 3gs. so i'm really far behind. and my phone sucks. and i'm excited to finally get the new one. >> i'm about to make some money. he's about to make some money. we're all about to make some money. >> reporter: though this version of the iphone like previous ones is far from perfect, the seemless interaction of the hardware and software compared to the competitors is very amazing. >> what apple is selling is a less frustrating experience. i think that's where you see the loyalty. >> i got pretty addicted to be able to check my e-mail and google maps all day. and it's helpful for work. >> reporter: the two things
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experts and customers don't like about the new iphone. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. all right now check out this line outside an apple store in miami. people camped out there overnight and there were so many waiting that an hour after the doors opened this morning, some people still hasn't gotten into that store. the excitement over the iphone didn't seem to spread to wall street where apple stock was up only .2 of a percent. apple did rise as high as $105 a share at midday trading but it retreated before close. your old phones and electronics may make you some money. you can mail in your used electronic devices with free shipping and get a refund in return. a special website shows you how to recycle your old phones and tablets and tell you which postoffices are participating. we have an update now on a story we first brought you live
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last night. a woman is recovering after major injuries after she was struck by an suv that crashed right into a restaurant in san rafael. it happened just before 5:00 near b street. san rafael police say a 55-year- old man from el cebrante was making a turn when for some reason his suv missed a turn. it then hit a 70-year-old woman and crashed into lundy's restaurant. the investigation continues but drugs and alcohol have been ruled out as a factor in that crash. a young man in his 20s was struck and killed today in san francisco. it happened on potrero avenue early this morning. the person was standing in the roadway when he was hit by a pickup truck. the driver of that truck, the young woman in her 20s stopped and cooperated with investigators. police said she did not appear to be driving under the
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influence. the medical examiner is still trying to locate the victim's family and has not yet released his name. a day set aside for peaceful protests. pakistan's government called for a national holiday today a day of love for the profit muhammad. but a number of demonstrations turned violent particularly in the largest cities. protesters set fire to a movie theaters. across the country at least 19 people were killed. 200 injured in battles with police. in benghazi, libya a huge peaceful crowd is demanding an end to extremist violence there. the crowd is estimated at 20 people with some libyan police officers seen taking part. many people carried signs mourning the death of u.s. ambassador chris stevens. the protesters marched to the
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stronghold of a major malitia group thought to be at the start of the clash. cabrera has removed his name from the batting title. major league baseball could not have disqualified cabrera but that would have taken the okay of the players association. instead cabrera has asked the union to tell the league that he wants to withdraw his name from the title race. by the way this now puts giant's catcher buster posey in second place for the national league battle title. a waste of taxpayer dollar: see what congress recess is going to cost people and what lawmakers are doing instead. i'm back here at 5:20. the coast is clear of fog. i have what you can expect for your saturday and sunday. on your prepaid card?
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taxpayer watchdog says it's a waste of your money. this after the house of represents began an early recess. scott macfarland reports, they had only been in session for a few days and left without reaching an agreement. >> reporter: members of the house hustled to their cars to hustle to the airport. many to get back to the campaign trail. the house was in session just eight days. >> people back home cannot understand the work ethic of this congress. >> reporter: and a deeper review finds this seven week break could cost you. congress never got around to passing a new farm bill including possible provisions to lower food prices. it never figured out what to do about a looming tax mike and it punted on deciding what to do about a massive cut to the military. the seven week delay could
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force contractors to send off lay off notices to workers. we tried to stop some of the dashing congress members for questions today, none stopped. but former house staffer brad fitch defended the lawmakers. >> they're meeting with constituents, they're the best pollsters in the world. because they are the only pollsters that if they get the answer wrong, they lose their job. >> reporter: nancy pelosi is quote not right. the senate also gone for seven weeks until the second week of november. scott mcfarland. general motors has
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announced a recall of 426,000 cars. they include the saturn aura and chevy malibu. an analysis of claims following vehicle accidents shows you're more likely to get hurt in a toyota yarus than any other vehicle in the world. the study institute looked at the 2009 to 2011 years. a 74-year-old man from novato died while repelling near a waterfall. they said that yoshio hosobuchi was making the hike with his 61-
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year-old wife. she told them it was something on his bucket list and he had received instructions the day before. it's not clear how he got tangled up in that harness. thousands of jobs up for grabs this holiday season. wal-mart says it expects to hire more than 60,000 employees for the holidays. wal-mart has about 4,000 stores across the country and employs about 1.4 million people. today announcement follows one by kohl's. we now know when the target will open at the metreon. target will be located at the second floor. it'll be called city target. the retailer began interviewing job applicants last month and it plans to hire 200 people. target is one part of the renovation there at the
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metreon. dow was down by 17, the s & p500 dipped just slightly. this was if first losing week for the stocks. tesla says it is going to open 10,000 stores over the next few months. san diego, new york, new jersey and florida are some of those locations. tesla says customers will be able to customize a model s sedan with interactive displays and then see what it looks like on a giant screen. with these 10 new stores, tesla will now have 34 locations worldwide. yesterday here at 5:00, bill martin helped us fine tune the timing on that shuttle fly over and the locations that were best. everything worked out didn't it. >> yeah it was one of the most spectacular days. >> it fly right in front of my house, i live out in oakland. it was so close it looked like you could hit it with a rock. it was a really neat shared
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experience. i'm so glad the weather cooperated because some of those photos we're getting. you will see them all throughout the night. we had great photos of the fly over. the golden gate bridge in the background. and it really just affirms what i say too much, that we live in one of the prettiest places in the world. and on a day like this you really can appreciate it especially on a friday. these were the highs today, not the highs but the current temperatures. 87 in fairfield. nearly the highs. temperatures came up five to 10 degrees. originally and if you've been paying attention. earlier in the week i said sarld -- saturday is going to be warmer and sunday is going to cool down. everything is kind of changing. instead of lingering throughout the weekend it's moving out a little bit earlier. it's going to come back on sunday and cool us off. but today and tomorrow temperatures are coming up. so we had a couple of upper 80s. the air is sinking just a little bit. there was a fight between the
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low and the high. the computer model, that low when they're like that -- here's a little bit of fog trying to form overnight. but that doesn't make a big deal. we had a little bit of fog last night. that made it less prominent this morning. i looks like tomorrow we'll have some afternoon light breezes and very light fog. so stinson beach, it's a good beach day. you know where i would go if i have some time together. which i do but i would go up to point rays. the marin county coastline. this is the time of year that north beach, point rays gets as good as it gets. the 90s are showing up in liver mother. kind of by concord. those are low 90s. oranges are 80s. you see those temperature footprints are warm for your
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saturday. there's some changes coming on sunday. i mentioned them. i will delve into everything, i will look at saturday and sunday specific temperatures. because right, fall begins starting tomorrow. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. are certain drinks to blame for a serious health issue? a new look at beverages and their link to the growing obesity epidemic here in the united states. after 20 years of research, new findings from here in the bay area that a compound in marijuana may stop the spread of many kinds of aggressive cancers. accusations of elder neglect is sparking a world wind of criticism for these four suspects. the reason one local community is particularly offended. also -- >> though millions are buying it unconditionally and sight unseen. some say consumers will have two problems with it. a new innovative bay area
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just can't get enough of those pictures can you. before it flew over the bay area today the space shuttle endeavour soared over the state capital in sacramento. hundreds of folks watched the historic fly over on capital grounds. one of them was the director of ames venture. he said this was a rare moment in history. >> no space shuttle has ever been in northern california before and after today, no space shuttle will ever be in northern california again. we're not building anymore. we're not flying anymore. >> reporter: however james said there are plenty of space frontiers ahead as nasa designs new rockets to explore space. a heads up for people living in san carlos, a mountain lion was spotted last night around 6:00 on portofino drive. the lion was seen walking down the street. very close to an apartment
5:24 pm
complex. as always here the advise is the same. avoid hiking or jogging around dawn or dusk. if you do happen to encounter a mountain lion, do not run. instead what you're advised to do is appear bigger by waving your arms. decades long study involving more than 33,000 americans giving the given clear proof that sugary beverages interact with weight. that means drinking sugary drinks is dangerous for those who are predisposed to gain weight. two scientists at the medical center in san francisco say that after 20 years of research, they have found that a substance in marijuana could help stop the progress of cancer. according to the huffington postthe researchers studied cbd. which is a compound found in cannabis plants. they combine that compound with
5:25 pm
cells containing the gene that causes cancer to spread and they found that the marijuana substance essentially turned off that gene. the researchers now hope to begin clinical trials. tension running high in san francisco's mission district. why police are not only watching the street but their own station.
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(car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. there are going to be increased patrols tonight in the mission district of san francisco after an angry protest at the police station there. at one point in fact, the protesters spray painted the words killers on that station. rob roth live in the city now with why they are so angry, rob. >> reporter: frank here at the
5:28 pm
mission district, police station the graffiti has been cleared off. the target of a protest over an officer involved shooting as police and community groups try to keep gang violence from getting worse. >> reporter: with gang tensions simmering police are stepping up patrols in the mission district tonight but they'll also be watching out for their own stations. last night a group of protesters some called an anarchist marched through the mission district and spray painted the word killer on the station doors. a brief stand out followed. the protesters then moved on without any other vandalism. early this morning, work crewed cleaned up the spray painted insult. >> the police are here to protect and serve the public. it's not good to see that. >> reporter: the protest was in response to a shooting earlier a few blocks away in which no one was killed. police say plained clothes officers spotted a suspected gang member on parol for assault with a deadly weapon. police say officers chased the
5:29 pm
young man they say was holding this tech nine machine gun pistol. when the man did not stop. they say an officer who was afraid for his life, shot him. the man the is in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. as for the graffiti at the place station, police say they are looking at a video to see who is responsible. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a man was air lifted to john mier medical center after someone shot him. contra costa county sheriff's deputies found the man around 9:30 in mariposa street. police did not release his identity but say he's in his mid-20s. he was shot two times. witnesses say they saw two men running from the area, but did
5:30 pm
not know if they were involved in the incident. the white house is announcing expansion of the ferry terminal in san francisco. all right back now to that spectacular fly over today of the space shuttle endeavour. the weather counterhave been better as it flew low and slow over a number of bay area landmarks this morning. ktvu's allie rasmussen is in studio with some of those incredible images. >> reporter: tens of thousands of spectators had their necks craned toward the sky and their cameras ready. the space shuttle flew over some of the bay area icons and these are some of the videos. space shuttle endeavour made a perfect swoop over the bay area. many gathered to get a last look at the space shuttle. >> i just feel lucky to see it
5:31 pm
on such a gorgeous day in such a gorgeous place. >> reporter: at the marina spectators heard the shuttle before they saw it. over on treasure island the crowd got another picture risk view. endeavour served past the transamerica pyramid before flying behind the bridge. >> once in a lifetime. last chance to see any of it in the air and i had to come and see it. >> reporter: they watched endeavour pass on the east side of the span, a treat for these spectators. >> the sun was hitting it perfect. it was a beautiful thing. >> beautiful sight. >> oh, so cool. >> reporter: endeavour circled around the bay twice before heading south toward the peninsula. that's where a crowd waited to greet the shuttle at moffett field.
5:32 pm
endeavour dazzled the crowd then it turned and headed south for its final leg of its journey. and endeavour continued down the california coast toward los angeles it's final destination. and there was a big welcome party for it there. we'll bring that part of the story for you in 15 minutes. live in the studio, allie rasmuss. coming up at 6:00, there are more images of the shuttle endeavour's fly over today that left spectators awe struck. we will put together some of our shots and show them to you at 6:00. during the hours of the space shuttle fly over, our viewers flooded our website with pictures and we want to show them to you. you see the golden gate, jay says that he took this picture
5:33 pm
just looking out of his bedroom window, must be nice. and this one essentially shows two icons in one. this one comes to us from roger minkow. a lot of people expected to see this photo and as many times as we've seen it we cannot see it enough. we have another picture. and this one is interesting. take a look, this is a photo that shows how the shuttle attaches to that 747. this right here in the center is one of three attach points. it took crews three days to essentially mate the shuttle to the 747 before this vessel was able to take off for its final flight. we have one last picture i want to share with you. and i believe it is. no not that one. this one. this one really tell it is story of the day. because here we have the shuttle. back here is that f16. sutro tower but look at all this fog i. was just beginning to burn off right when the endeavour burned through.
5:34 pm
it happened just as our chief meteorologist bill martin said it would last night. if you have pictures of the shuttle endeavour, please e- mail them to us. be sure you tell us your name and where you were when you took the picture. or you can just postit right to our facebook page. a federal appeals court has refused to change a class action settlement over facebook privacy allegations. one of the 19 plaintiffs objected to that settlement. the ninth circuit court said the settlement was not too low. cupertino based apple has bought 200 acres in catawba county.
5:35 pm
it's an unlikely pairing. why supporters of a new program in the city say the pets and people involved in this program really need each other. and new information tonight about that movie theater in colorado where a gunman killed 12 people and injured many more. what is going to happen there at the beginning of the new year? ñçbñ
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australian authorities have
5:38 pm
seized more than 150 pounds of meth they said was being smuggled in from hong kong. they acted on a tip and tracked the shipment after it arrived in sydney, australia they found the meth hidden in furniture. they arrested three men on drug charges under australian law the men could face life in prison. the colorado theater where a gunman killed 12 people is going to reopen. the company that runs and operating that cinemark theater in aurora have announced the reopening plans. there will be changes made but no details were released. i'm back here in just a couple of minute, your weekend just hours away. what can you expect on saturday and sunday? i'll dial it in.
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accusations of elder neglect is sparking a whirlwind of criticism for these four suspects. the reason one local community is particularly offended. also. >> though millions are buying it unconditionally and sight unscene. experts say consumers will have two problems with it. >> plus a new program to help prevent sport injuries among high school athletes. card hassles?
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republican presidential candidate mitt romney's plane just landed at sfo just moments ago. his visit comes just hours after he released more of his tax returns following months of public pressure. john sasaki is at sfo now with more on mitt romney's shortstop here and also what we learned from his tax returns today. john-- >> reporter: frank take a look. there is his plane. it just taxied over after touching down. they just opened up the door. and the candidate will come out
5:42 pm
shortly. they are right now having trouble getting this started to move it over there. but he's going to be coming down. we're going to try to get in a couple of questions. but because that's one thing that tonight the candidate cannot say he has checked off his to do list. before coming here republican mitt romney campaigned in atlanta. he followed his release of his 20012 return by releasing his 2011 return. >> i don't think he wants this race to be about his tax returns. >> reporter: critics are crying foul because he will not release his tax returns from the 90s. >> i think the president has said they will release tax
5:43 pm
returns for at least the last five years. >> if you're going to go for the highest office in the world, then we should know. we should know about you. just like the vice president that you vetted a couple of months ago. >> reporter: jack laser is a professor of political psychology. >> that just wreaks of trying to hide something. >> reporter: he says today's release will not help romney's campaign. >> it's unlikely to satisfy most people who want to see more than two years worth of taxes. and yet it just keeps the story alive. >> reporter: voters of both parties we met agreed. >> as a republican, you don't agree. why is that? >> i want to know everything i can know about him possibly to make a more educated decision. >> he should come clean and do what everybody else does, comply like everyone else. >> reporter: and here you see the plane doors open. people have been coming off. staff members, probably some secret service. it looked like we might actually get a chance to talk to the candidates but they have pulled up all the vehicles, the
5:44 pm
armoured suvs to take the candidate on to hillsboro. we're going to try to get a question yelled out to him. but from this distance and with the airplane noise it's pretty doubtful that he will either hear us or want to respond. so right now, we're still waiting for mr. romney to come down. that going up the stairs is george schultz former secretary of state. he is going up to welcome romney. and we're just going to be waiting here to see when he comes off. and like i said see if we can actually get in a word edge wise with him. >> john is there anybody else out there? looks like there are some other folks out there waiting to greet him as well, is that the case? >> yeah, there's definitely quite a bit, if you see there
5:45 pm
under the wing. that looks like the -- the candidates press corp. that has been traveling with him. also as i said, probably quite a few staff members and some secret service. obviously protecting the candidate wherever he goes. but, we do have quite a bit of local media here as well. we're all waiting hoping that we get a chance to say something to him. but at this stage it doesn't look like we're going to get much of a chance. >> john i know that you've covered presidential arrivals on air force one before. can you compare and contrast what you are seeing security wise and media wise. >> reporter: it's pretty much the same kind of thing. he has the same kind of protection that the president does right now because he is you know the the possible next president if he were to wish the election. you can see california highway patrol. you can see armoured vehicles and other vehicles even a bus back there.
5:46 pm
those are all here ready to take him to hillsboro. so it's going to be quite the motorcade. quite the mess for anybody commuting home on a friday at 6:00 it's going to be quite the mess on 101 to hillsboro. i don't even know if they're going to hit on 101 or they're going to go 380 to 280 south on 280. whatever road this group takes, it's going to be quite the mess for traffic heading that direction. >> john where exactly are you in the airport in relation to the terminals most of us use when we fly in and out of sfo. >> we're on the east side of the tarmac. you can see that right there is a plane used to train firefighters in training by the city college of san francisco and back here is some kind of building, don't know exactly what it's used for. so we're on the bay side. and the terminals are actually on the other side of mr. romney's plane over here. so that's generally the view
5:47 pm
that you would have. you might actually be able to see. people in the terminals might be able to see the plane but they won't be able to see the candidates from that distance. getting back here on this side. a lot of people assembling, a lot of people getting ready to see him disembark. certainly the president's corp. very interested in what he does. people he meets, people he talks to. so everybody is still waiting not clear right now exactly what mr. romney is doing on the plane. but they are certainly making sure he has everything he needs to take with him down to hillsboro. and of course, i did find out from some of his staff that he will be staying here in the bay area tonight. so i was not able to get where, but there comes george schultz coming down the gang way right now. and right behind him there's mr. romney. governor romney coming down the
5:48 pm
stairs. exiting his plane. it does say believe in america mitt so he'll be most likely jumping into that one suv directly in front of the stairs. and then he'll be, oh there he is. coming right around the other side. >> about how far away are you from him, john? >> that's about 100 feet, maybe. and it's windy out here, like i said there's plane noise, so, there wasn't really much of a chance to yell even a question to him. but yeah so, looks like the secret service is getting mr. schultz, secretary schultz and mr. romney in there.
5:49 pm
the security here is very tight. we'll be watching him take off and will be arriving in hillsboro not very long. certainly not as long as people would take getting from san francisco to hillsboro. john sasaki, live at sfo. switching from the romney campaign to the obama campaign they moved to a bigger office in oakland today. it's located at frank ogawa plaza across the street from city hall. they moved from telegraph avenue and 16th street. volunteer coordinators say the campaign office sits in the congressional district that had the biggest margin of victory for mr. obama back in 2008. david stevenson live in san francisco with a unique bond shared by pets and their new
5:50 pm
owners. >> reporter: they used to call the program puppies for panhandlers. and they say that's not exactly the case. it's graduation day for four san francisco dogs and eight humans in the city's woof program. >> i'm so happy i had the chance to say that i love him. >> reporter: woof stands for wonderful opportunities for occupants and fidos. they paid 50 to $75 a week to train special needs dogs for adoption. >> they were so scared submissive, urinating and the whole bit. you would not know that today. they're jumping on your laps. >> the goal was to save animals and provide skills to people living on the margin. >> they're getting a second chance and enabling these dogs to get a second chance. >> she's not afraid of people no more.
5:51 pm
because she was afraid of crowds. and now she is walking on the street very proud. she's come a long way. >> reporter: these owners say the dogs also changed their lives. >> he has some handicaps. i had handicaps growing up and i wanted to instill some good positive things in him so he wouldn't have some of the fears i had growing up. >> i tried for like seven or eight months to try to lose 10 pounds, okay. i get this tremendous dog and he's the one that help -- helped me lose it. i lost 15 pounds. the pilot has used up its private grant. organizers hope to secure more funding to continue the program. all right let's talk more about our weather. i can't stop thinking about what a fantastic day it was. i worked out perfectly for the shuttle. crystal clear. >> it was the perfect day. you've been seeing those
5:52 pm
pictures. we will continue to show them to you the pictures throughout the area outstanding today. and that's the kind of day we had. we have the fog and low cloud trying to reform but not really very efficiently. so basically it looks like we're going to start out tomorrow with basically warm skies. these are the highs from today. temperatures came up a good five to 10 degrees. temperatures tomorrow are going to warm again. as we go into the weekend things change around, this low bumps up against us. now it's back, back on sunday. temperatures on sunday tweak down just a little bit. five to 6 degrees. you're still in the low 80s for the warm spots and still in the low 80s. just a little more fog on sunday. you will notice 70s right around the east bay hills. then as you skid out into the valley now, you're going to start out toward concord and livermore. you're in the low 80s to mid- 80s. down toward gilroy i think we
5:53 pm
will see some 90s there. 88, 86 in pittsburg. saturday will be your warmest day. and sunday temperatures come down just a little bit. so looks good. nice looking bay area weekend. lots going on this weekend too. lots of sporting events. your weekend clearly in view because your weekend is essentially here. go enjoy it. know that tomorrow will be the nicest day. sunday there will be a little more fog and cooler. both days the balance is going to be great. >> can't beat this. >> no it's perfect. a man jumps into the tiger exhibit at the bronx zoo. how zoo keepers fight off the attacking tiger, and why the tiger was as dangerous as what he was running away from. some things won't last 25 years.
5:54 pm
ah! woof! some things will.
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so we've shown you all the pictures of the shuttle flying over the bay area. from there it went to southern california and you're looking at it landing there at l.a. x. a picture perfect landing. then as it taxied in look what happened. one crew member popped out of the cockpit waving an american flag. endeavour made its final voyage. next month, endeavour will go on permanent public display. an outstanding story to share from the bronx zoo tonight. a man jumped from the elevated mono rail tent into the tiger
5:57 pm
exhibit. then a tiger mauled the man. the man suffered puncture woods. zoo keepers used a fire extinguisher. a man then rolled under an electrified wire to get out of the way of the tiger. he is hospitalize tonight in critical condition. it's an electrifying show. the direct connection the bay area has to today's final flight of the shuttle endeavour. then new at 6:00, a san jose family in courtfaces criminal charge that they abused the elderly in their care. the abuse is especially horrifying to the vietnamese community. lots of prepaid cards
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come pre-filled with problems. enough is enough. introducing the chase liquid reloadable card. with chase liquid, there's no waiting and no fee to activate you can load cash and checks at any chase depositfriendly atm and there are no withdrawal fees at over 17,500 chase atms
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all for one flat fee of $4.95 per month. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. all eyes were on the sky as the shuttle endeavour made its final voyage today. >> people gathered to watch it go over the golden gate not once but twice. good evening i'm frank

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